Information About Registration in the Exhibition

The Royal Equestrian Club in Dubai welcomes all exhibitors of books, publishing houses and public libraries from all over the world to participate in the Dubai International Equestrian Book Fair in its first edition.

  • Registration is open to all exhibitors until the 9th of December 2017.
  • Registration is done through the website by filling up the online form.
  • Spaces are offered free for all exhibitors, in support of equestrian sport and science publishing.
  • The items in the exhibition should be mentioned, and a list of books to be displayed in the exhibition must be processed.
  • The suites' areas are available on request and (3m x 3m) will be available free of charge. If more spaces are requested, the cost of building the pavilion will be borne by the contractor through the contracting company approved by us.
  • The exhibition will accept the following books:
    1. Equestrian books of all kinds and in all languages.
    2. Racing Books.
    3. Books on Sport Laws.
    4. Children's Equestrian Books.
    5. Veterinary Medicine Books.
    6. Equine Alternative Medicine Books.
    7. Equine History, Novels and Literature Books.
    8. Equine Poetry Books.
    9. Books on Islamic Provisions relating to horses and equestrian.
    10. Equestrian Publications.
    11. Educational Materials, Documentaries, Cinematography or Children's Cartoon programs in equestrian.


Special prices are designed for exhibitors who wish to receive UAE visa services, travel tickets, hotel bookings, transportation and other services through our travel agent
Al Kous Travel Company

Direct Contacts

Mr. Samer Salah ElDin

Mr. Ahmed Samir Taha

Mr. John Lobo

Special prices are designed for exhibitors who wish to receive cargo shipping services to participate in the fair through the authorized freight forwarder
AA & S Shipping LLC

Direct Contact

Mr. Libin Livingston
+971 4 3573571